Order of The Passages


In this series of studies we will look at the various passages used to teach an assignment of ecclesial roles to male and female believers.  I will take this time to remind you that the sequence in which I have presented these studies was to give the scriptural context that leads me to question the interpretations as they are commonly presented in our Christadelphian community. In this interpretation we are of course not unique compared with many Christians faiths at large.


Ÿ         First we observed that Jesus set a new standard for the religious instruction and inclusion of females in understanding and worship of God. We remember that he refuted the standard views of his day by showing women were the same as males in regard to His Gospel.

Ÿ         Next we see the outworking of that instruction in the lives and activities of female believers recorded in the Acts and Epistles.

Ÿ         Then we examined the “allegories” regarding the body of believers as a whole partly to see if they suggested any roles regarding the sex of the believer. We found none.


It is because these activities and teachings differ appreciably from our practices and from some verses in the NT, that we are compelled to reconcile the conflict. Both sides of these conflicting instructions seem clearly stated . However both sides contradict each other and must be reconciled. God is not the author of confusion so I am convinced that the conflict is in reality one of human invention. God is not double minded!


Please follow me in this phase of the study. I have ordered the studies of

“The Passages” into these several groupings.



1.      1 Corinthians 11 and Ephesians 5.  These passages are used to suggest female believers have a unique allegorical role in the ecclesia different from male believers.

2.      1 Timothy 2 and 1 Corinthians 14.  These passages are used to teach female believers should remain silent in the ecclesia differently from male believers.

3.      1 Timothy 3 and Galatians 3.  Does 1 Timothy teach there are certain offices female believers may not hold?